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problem with seeders/peers... maybe citcometbho.dll??


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Version: was .79 but went back to .73 to try and solve the problem.... didnt work

OS: Windows xp media edition sp2

connection: charter 2 meg cable modem


ram: 512mb ddr2

computer: dv6000 hp laptop

Hello all! I have JUST gotten a new dv6000 hp laptop and was installing the new version of bitcomet on it. When I was done I realized that the same torrent was downloading on my other computer had a HUGE amount of more peers than I did... so I went back to unistall everything and reinstall it. as I did, I tried to delete the remaining files that were left behind from the uninstall program, and I found out that this dll: "BitCometBHO.dll" could not be deleted. upon further investigating I realized that this was a certificate for something chinese. Now I was confused cause nothing ever on my new computer was or ever will be chinese. but still I couldnt delete it so I tried to restart my computer to see if it was something just in the temp files. The problem remains the same and unchanged. I can not delete that file. even if I tried to install a fresh copy of bitcomet to a new directory the peers and seeders remain the same. I feel that this "BitCometBHO.dll" is hindering my download performance, and now I can hardly even connect with anyone on some .torrents PLEASE HELP :'(

Pretty much what I wanna know is how can I unistall that dll and the whole file of .79 so I can go back to the much simplier, and less confusing .73

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You should be using v0.70 until another stable version is announced.

Get this tool and add it to your repertoire: http://ccollomb.free.fr/unlocker/

Unlocker will tell you which processes are using a particular file. Then you can google to find out what those processes are doing and whether you want them running. Unlocker will allow you to unlock the file from those processes, kill the processes, or simply delete a stubborn file. Very handy, very useful, keep it somewhere you can find it easily when you need it again.

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