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can't download


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I just downloaded BitComet last week and so far I haven't successfully downloaded anything. My brother uses BitComet on his laptop and doesn't have any trouble with it. Basically this is my issue...

I use a torrent site and find what i want to download. I look for one with a lot of "S"s (that means seeds, right?) and download. But in BitComet, it says there are no seeds and it stays on the "connecting" status forever. None of my downloads have even gotten past 0%.

I have read similar questions and FAQs but nothing is working for me. I'm hoping that since this is interactive somebody can help me. Is it possible that i just have a firewall blocking access to the torrent from bitcomet? I have no ideas/i hope this made sense.

Thank you!

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Unless the torrent index site has a mechanism for updating the current swarm status (which most do not), then the number of seeds shown on the site reflects what the status was at some point in the past. Maybe long past. It says nothing about what the status is now, which is all you are interested in.

If you have successfully scraped the tracker (got a response without error from it), you will see the status of the swarm now, and if there are no seeds, there are no seeds. Check the trackers tab to make sure you did get that scrape. BitComet will then try to contact other peers, so your firewall must permit it to do so. Other peers will attempt to contact you, so your firewall must permit traffic through the listen port for this to succeed. If you have more than one firewall, they must all be set not to interfere.

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