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Unable to download!


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I downloaded BitComet about 2 months ago and have been unable to do any sort of downloading. I sequentially went through the steps given by the FAQ, however, when it comes to the actually downloading, nothing happens!

For example, I do the search and find that my intended download usually has 300+ peers and a good health rating. Double-click, save the file but then when I try to open the same file, there is no connection, no peers, nothing. Everything is at 0. I would try and attach a pic I'm afraid I'm not the most computer literate person and I don't know how to link a pic from a http url. (or check file attachment)

I've read some other posts and I know you like to have detailed accounts of the problem. Since I'm not exactly sure what it is at this stage (the FAQ smoothly assumes that a download would actually occur), I can give to a bit of a background to my comp:

windows xp


windows firewall

limewire works (but only just)

i get the internet through a university network

based in southampton, uk

internet works fine, no problems

mozilla firefox is main browser.

I hope that is sufficient information. If you need anymore in order to help, please just ask.

I'm at a loss here (and need to cure my boredom!) so any help or insight to my problem will help.

Thanks loads


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Yes infact there is an error message:

"Can't connect Tracker (10060), waiting 10s to retry"

There are two different URLs for the torrents (for 2 downloads) - do you need this information as well? I am currently using the 0.70 version of bitcomet.

I have also searched google for the meaning of the error message and the majority of answers suggust waiting for a few hours/days. In my case, I've been waiting for months before I finally decided to post here. Is there a torrent website you can suggust that will give good links or an example of something to download so I can check my bitcomet works?


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The best one for checking is the Open Office torrent, which will also show you what speed your hookup CAN get if it has a good swarm. http://distribution.openoffice.org/p2p/index.html Keep that handy, it's a good test for hookup issues.

The error you're getting is, basically, "can't get a timely response from the tracker". Obviously that can have some different causes. Most commonly it means the tracker's just overloaded, and a subsequent attempt should have better luck -- hence the advice to just wait a while.

But it can also mean you're not getting a response because the tracker's down or dead. If you've tried for an hour with no change, then it's probably down. If you've tried on a couple of different days and never get a response, then it's probably dead. See if you can find another torrent on a different tracker with the same contents, and try that one instead.

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