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Pc-cillin is blocking remote peers...

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Hi everyone

I am using bitcomet and I can see both remote and local peers. When I installed PC-cillin Internet security, I couldn't see remote users because there is option 'protect computer from internet attacks' was checked on. I was reluctant to check it off to see remote peers.

I tried to let pc-cilin not blockports that bitcomet needs by using this procedure in pc-iliin



However, in step 5 i didn't know what ports should I write????

I hope someone can lead me. plz?

Thanks in advance 4 any help.

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I use PC-Cillin Internet Security 14 with firewall and for BitComet I have added extra rules which open all out ports for TCP and UDP and one listening porst for UDT and TCP e.g. 56789 (you can choose which one you want BitComet to use) and put it in PC-Cillin - in Firewall rules. Everything should work fine.

If you still have problems, try just open everything for BitComet UDP/TCP in and UDP/TCP out.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks dear 4 the reply

I didn't get it well...

1- how can i set it to open all out ports for tcp and updp and

2-and how can i decide which listening port sh ould I use to open? and will it see allll peers even remote? since I already did that and put a listening port butt i noticed that remote peers are disappearing

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Ok maybe screenshots help :).

First of all, choose in BitComet Preferences any port between 50000-60000 or click random but you will need to remember this port, and put it in the field indicated on sceenshot below (if you didn't choose random):


Then you need to go to PC-CILLIN and open it. Go to Network Security:


Then you need to go to Personal Firewall


... and if you didn't change anything here, you probably need to go to Direct Connection and change its rules upthere - I assume here that your default rules are Direct Connection, which is done after intalling If you don't use Direct Connection as a default rules, edit different one. So click Direct Connection to choose it and then click Edit button:


IMPORTANT!!!!!! When you finish putting rules in next few steps, you will be back here and you must click Apply, because everything will be lost !!!!!

You will see Add/Edit Personal Firewall. You have to choose and click Exceptions field and you will see many and many names of programs which are already put in it and have particular internet rules. What you need to do now is to find names which are connected to BitComet (BitComet -a BitTorrent... in my case). When you find it click one of them, lest say upper one or that one which you can see, click it to choose. Then Go to top of that list and click Edit button:


Change everything exactly the way you can see in the picture below but put correct port number in the field Specified Port(s): 56789 - on the picture.


Now, if you don't see second rule for BitComet yopu must find it. It must be somewhere there between all rules. If you find it keep rules according to those on picture below:


REMEMBER!!!! After setting the rules, the button Apply must be clicked to confirm changes !!!!! If you forget to do it, everything will be lost !!!!!


That's it. You should have configured PC-CILLIN correctly for BitComet afterwards, if you went through steps.

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You only need one firewall. If you have more than one, they will stumble over each other, and every time you need to make a change, you'll need to make it multiple times -- and hope that it works. You gain no additional security, just additional hassle. Choose the firewall you want, and disable/uninstall the others. If you prefer PCCillin's, then disable the built-in Windows firewall.

Be aware that routers usually have a firewall, as do some modem/router combos. Firmware firewalls like that are usually a lot easier to live with and more secure (can't be subverted by viruses) than software firewalls, so they're generally better at protection.

Also be aware that many programs may include firewalls without necessarily saying so. Not all firewalls are equal, and some have a hard time handling P2P. They will give you a lot of trouble.

It is best to test and make sure, by visting www.canyouseeme.org and entering your listen port there. The port should be open when you set your firewall to open it. If it isn't, you've probably got another firewall operating that you're not aware of, and will need to hunt it down.

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Yes, as kluelos said, try if your port, say 56 789, is opend. If it's opend you no longer should have problem with remote peers.

If you're going to check port, you have to open BitComet before, because PC_CILLIN keep all ports closed except those whose rules has been matched for.

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