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My Bitcomet can't work...

Error "Can not listen to port:11399" occur when i want to start Bitcomet...

I have try to uninstall and install again many times...

Can anyone help to slove this problem please?...

Firewall maybe? Router maybe?

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This error means that some other application has already registered to listen at that port.

The most common cause of this is a configuration issue. BitComet can be set to run automatically at Windows startup. (IMSMR that's even the default.) So when you reboot, an instance of BitComet fires up, grabs the listen port, and proceeds. Now if you're not aware of that, and you try to start BitComet from the programs menu or a shortcut, a second instance of BitComet starts, tries to register the listen port, but is told that it can't because something else (namely, the first instance of BitComet) already registered it.

Another cause is some other application that is also using that port, but which already started up and grabbed it.

Try changing your listen port in your BitComet preferences, then reboot and try again. If you get the same error with the new port number, then it's probably a second-instance situation. BitComet places an icon in the system tray when it's running, so check for that too. Double-clicking on it will expand it. There should be two icons if two instances are running.

You can change your preferences and tell it not to automatically start and bootup, if desired.

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