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0.79: ScanFunction with additional parameters ?


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I'm using BitComet Version 0.79

I want to use the ScanFunction to extract a rarfile automatically after download.

For this reason i wrote a little batchfile which gets 2 parameters: filename, password.

The Problem is, the batchfile only gets the filename submitted by default, and i want to submit additional parameters from the torrentfile . maybe the value of the field "comment" .... is this possible ?

I already tried to add %comment% or %c% in "Execute parameter"-field, nothing worked.


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You're trying to do something well beyond design, so this puts you pretty much on your own. You know that, right?

There's no way to get the data into BC's awareness so that it could be parameterized. Best you can do is try to work around that, something like a prompt that asks for the password. But since the archiver will do that anyway, there's not much point in duplicating the function.

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