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Eveything healthy, but torrents won’t download.

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I have been using BitComet for awhile, and recently something has occurred. When I open a torrent in BitCOment is goes though the regular process of asking me where I want to save it as such. That all goes fine, then the torrent connects and that goes fine as well. I have a green light, the torrent is connected to the tracker with a green arrow, there are seeders and peers connected. But the Download and Upload just sits at 0kb/s, occasionally it will go up to 3 or 4kb/s on the odd torrent, and even more odd is that in the extreme situation the torrent will work as normal and I got a good 75kb/s.

I am not new at Bitcomet, but I am no expert either. I’ve gone though the FAQ and the other helpful topics I found though search and none of the solutions seemed to work in my situation.

I would appreciate any help or suggestions on what can be done to fix this, thank you.

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I'm not entirely clear on what you're describing, or maybe it's two situations collapsed into one.

The important thing is to be aware of the holistic status of the swarm. You can get that from the trackers tab and the peers tab.

When you've started the torrent, check the trackers tab on it and see what it says. If you're getting an error from the tracker, then what you have is only the peers you found via DHT. If there's no error, look at what the tracker returned as to peers.

Next, look at the peers tab, and see who, if any, you're connected to, and pay special attention to the % that others have completed. If they're all showing 0% like you, then it may be nobody's really seeding this torrent. You can give that a little time to see if others' % show increases, but if they don't, you can probably write this off as a fake torrent.

If the peers tab shows a common mix, with some (the seeds) at 100% and most of the rest at varying percentages, then you may have a connectivity issue, so look at the initiation column and see whether you're showing any peers as REMOTE. If you have none at all, then you've got firewall issues.

If you do have at least some REMOTE initiations, then it may just be that you look like a poor connection to most of the swarm. Time is usually a cure for that, and your speed should eventually pick up. But you should check by downloading, at least partially, the Open Office torrent, and make sure you're getting great speed from that.

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