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Unconnected seeds/peers


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Since installing the latest version, the amount of seeds/peers that connect to me are far lower than the number available. This is (I think it's the reason, anyway) resulting in very low speeds. Is this something that can be fixed with my settings? I've gone through the settings post, and nothing has helped. Thanks.

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The number of seeds you're connected to has a marginal effect on your speed. This is because each seed will give you a piece, then want to give other pieces to other people before it will give you another one. That prevents any leecher from capturing or monopolizing a seed, and is built-in behaviour. If you watch a torrent downloading, you will see that you get the great majority of pieces from other leechers, not from seeds.

So it may be you're encountering some other issue, or that this particular torrent is just slower than you're used to. Check on that by seeing if you're still getting good speed from the Open Office torrent.

But you should, also, whenever you change versions of any internet application, delete and re-create all of their firewall rules. That's because many software firewalls don't have the concept of "upgrade" and think it's a new application which they'll block in the absence of a rule permitting it. Best just to delete the old rule and create a new one.

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