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Transferring torrents from Azureus to Bitcomet


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I've just started using Bitcomet and have found it flawless so far. None of the resource and port issues that have plagued me with Azureus. So, I'd like to tranfer my incomplete files from Azureus to Bitcomet 0.79. Is there a way to do this? I have 16+ GB's of data sitting in unfinished downloads and it seems a shame to scrap that much data.

Thanks to all for reading.

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It's actually pretty easy. Start by loading the partially completed torrents into BitComet with the OPEN button, but don't start them yet or stop them immediately if they start by themselves.

The first issue is the location of the downloads. If you're satisfied with where they currently are, then set that path as your default download location in BitComet's preferences. (BitComet's default value puts it in the Program Files tree, which is not really a good idea.)

If you're ok with the existing files' location but you want BC's default somewhere else, then you'll need to set things torrent by torrent. So for each partially-complete torrent task, right-click it, select "properties", and from the next menu change the download location to point to the directory containing the partial downloads. That means that those partial downloads will complete in their current location, while all new torrents will go to the BC default.

That part can be a little bit tricky. You'll need to play with it a little to get it right, because the location must be the directory CONTAINING the download directory, if it's a multi-file torrent. Not really a big deal, though.

If you don't like the existing location, then you'll want to move the partial downloads to where you do want them, then either set the default download location there or set the individual torrent's download location as above.

The second issue is to make sure BC "sees" the incomplete downloads. Start the torrent and look at the % Complete column. If it's at the correct value (what you've already downloaded), then you're good. If it's not, then stop the torrent, right-click the task, and do a manual hash-check. This may take a while. After it completes, it should then show the correct % for the partial download, so start the torrent and it will pick up where it left off.

It's probably easier to do that torrent by torrent, especially if you didn't get the location quite right. The test for that is whether BC found the partial and got the correct % after the hash check. If it still shows 0%, then the location is probably off. As I said, you may need to fiddle with it a bit to get the hang of where BC wants to be pointed.

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