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help. cannot download at all!!!

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This is because that firewall is blocking the service.. I am also facing the same problem and tried some other clients like AZUREUS. But the problem is not solved..

Can any one help how to solve this problem.. I am not having access to change router configuration.

Only thing i am supposing is either we have to use some internet based anonymous proxy .. If any one solution for this help me out.

Is there any site where we can directly download torrents from the site itself , instead of a program in the computer.....

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Yes, I too, would suggest that a firewall is blocking bitcomet. You would need to configure your firewall to allow bitcomet to connect and to act as a server or accept incoming connections.

I would doubt there simply is a blocked port, because if so, then you would have a really poor protection on your PC.

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Hi there.

gsc555: anonymous proxy won't help you with downloads if you have no connectable port to send proxy's data to. You can try HTTP-Tunnel or something like this to receive connections from outside.

Ashira: if you (or he, or anyone...) have WinXP SP2 and another firewall software, verify that Windows' Firewall is disabled.

kingabraham: try another torrent / another client. Your torrent may be dead or badly seeded; if another client downloads, you'll have to check BC settings one more time.

Best regards.

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