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I have a problem...

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Until recently I have had no problem with Bitcomet, but since a few days ago every time I start a download ther e has been a red X beside it (meaning that the download won't even start) and I have no idea why. I don't think I have a firewall or anything blocking it from downloading. How do I check if I do? What should I do to get Bitcomet back working again?

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By the way I have already read the FAQ about this problem and it didn't really help me.


This red cross basically means that BitComet cannot continue downloading this torrent into your download directory due to:

* Insufficient space in your Download Directory (Less than 5 gigabytes)

* The Download Directory for your BitComet client may be corrupt.

My harddrive has 80 gigs free on it, and I tried changing the download destination folder (checking if it was corrupt) and it didn't fix it either.

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Fundamentally, the X means that BitComet can't write to the disk. That can have a lot of causes. One of the most frequent is that you don't have write permission on the download directory.

BC's default path for this is in the Program Files tree, which is not a good place for it. Apps shouldn't be writing data in that tree because windows is increasingly protective of it. (Barn door, horse). So it's usually the first suspect when this problem comes up. It's better to move the download directory completely out of that tree. But wherever it is, you need to make sure your account has write permission to the directory.

BitComet will optionally pre-allocate space for files. It sets aside the amount of space that the download WILL consume when it's complete. If you have several torrents in progress, it's possible to have preallocated all of your space away without realizing it.

There are also OS limits. A FAT32 partition can't contain any one file larger than 4GB, so if you try, it will balk.

Another issue (often seen with anime) is illegal characters in the pathname. There will, naturally, also be problems with pathnames that don't exist, and this takes in spelling/punctuation/whitespace errors in the pathnames.

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