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Hi all,

There seems to be an issue with torrents being blocked behind a LAN router. Im using a chinese version of bitcomet to skip past the detection. DHT is now connecting as it was not able to at first with the regular english version.

Anyway, just wondering if there was anything i could do. Im using the 0.74 simplified chinese version of bitcomet. Torrents have the Status of "Stopped[torrent_cannot_open]" for the .avi file and then "Stopped[torrent_cannot_open_target_folder]" for the .iso file im downloading.

Thanks guys (and gals!) :lol:

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These issues may have the same root cause.

The first one is that BC either cannot find the torrent file, or can't open it, or it's in the wrong format (which happens sometimes when an index site encounters an error during the download).

The second error is that it can't find the download directory. Both of these could be due to invalid pathnames, and they may contain invalid characters. So you need to verify that the download directory path exists and is valid, same for the default torrent directory, and that the torrent file is present, not locked by another process, and has a valid format.

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