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hi... i have a problem whn running bit comet. Aftr installing,i open bit comet but aftr 2 seconds this thing below came out and it happens to all three versions i dwnloaded 0.79 , 0.78 , 0.70 . Can anyone tell me wats the problem and how to solve it as fast as possible. PLEASE !!! thnx ! ^^


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Well, you didnt give very much info about your setup so its hard to know where to start.

I would suggest downloading and installing "crap cleaner" (just search for this on google)

When you install it, I suggest unchecking the optional toolbar.

Now uninstall Bitcomet

If you didnt have any torrents or downloads then go ahead and delete Bitcomets whole folder

If you had some torrents and downloads then temporarily move those folders to the desktop then delete Bitcomets folder.

Now open crap cleaner and do a clean up

Also in crap cleaner you should scan for issues and fix any it finds

Now re-install Bitcomet v0.70 (link in my sig if you need it)

See if you can get Bitcomet to work now

if none of this helped then please tell us what other stuff you have running on your PC (antivirus/firewall/etc)

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The contents of ERRORLOG.TXT might be of some help, but not without a lot more info about your system. How fast is it, which OS and which version, which video card, how much memory? Which antivirus are you using, and which firewall(s)?

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OS: windows xp professional sp2

processor : AMD sempron Processor2800++,1.6GHz

memory : 512mb RAM

direct x : Directx9.0b

graphic card name :NVIDIA GeForce 6100

graphic card memory : 256mb RAM

anti virus program : AVG 7.5 Professional

hope 2 fix tis prblm as soon as possible. Thnx a lot ^^

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You didn't mention your firewall(s), but you do have an NVidia graphics card. So check to see if you have NVidia's firewall running. Check in Control Panel /Add Remove Programs, and see if you have something like "NVidia Network Access Manager". That's caused a lot of grief for P2P.

Maybe unrelated but you are behind on DirectX, so you might want to upgrade that to 9.0c too.

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i have the same problems but it's with version 0.67

(i posted about this in a separate post) it (BC) constantly crashes

should i download a 0.70 version so as to be more stable? or is there a way to maually fix the problem?

i have Windows XP, service pack 2, 1gb memory

if i do have to get 0.70 version, how do i keep the same files (movies, music, etc.) that i downloaded

with with 0.67 version?

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You'll note that I asked several questions before, to the originator of this thread. You interlopers, you need to provide the same info. Since there are now three of you, it should become really confusing, really fast. Which is a bad idea, and which is why I suggested, and still strongly suggest, THAT YOU DO THIS IN A SEPARATE THREAD.

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