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My download suddenly stopped at 95.5%

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Hi there.

You know, it's common problem - not enough seeds. But it has nothing to do with BitComet - you would get same (if not worse) results with another clients.

Since this is common problem, here are some common ways for anyone to try and solve it.

What depends solely on you:

Find another source of seeds and add it to yours.

I suggest taking hash out of .torrent or from the site (if there is) and googling for it. (ebacc710710618f8f63f1e382c7ab01d85bd0dcc in your case, check "Task Properties"). You'll get results on torrent sites, where you can download this torrent from (again) and add it to BitComet (again; it'll say that "Torrent task existed" - that's OK) - if there are any more trackers, they'll be added to your task. Most likely, "more trackers" = "more peers".

What depends on others' efforts:

Some people (/me is one of them) come to seed more if they're asked. Contact them - try commenting this torrent or, more preferably, send PM (if it's possible) to anyone who has completed torrent. Usually maker does :)

Mixed way:

Make this torrent more popular.

Take it and post on sites that don't have it yet. Add more trackers (preferably, public ones), add nice description, links of interest (product site, review, fansite etc.), seed for a while. If this torrent is worth seeding, you may come back later and check it - it will have seeders.

Easiest but time consuming:

Just wait for seed to come.

Take other torrents, set this to high priority and limit your upload of this one. If torrent isn't completely dead, you'll get your 100% sooner or later.

Important: if you see peers with exact the same percentage as you for a long time, consider this torrent to be dead. The more such peers - the deader %) your torrent is... And good luck next time :)

P.S. Don't double-post - use "Edit" instead. If nobody knows what to say, you won't get any info no matter how much you ask.

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