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Can't watch or burn movie


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I downloaded this movie: Waist.Deep.2006.CUSTOM.SWESUB.NTSC.DVDR[www.otorrent.se]. I went to the folder in My Doucuments where I send all the movies I download. From there I selected add to archive with Winrar. It took awhile and then I extracted the files and I still can't them to open/play. I have tried to convert the files to .avi but that doesn't work either. This is the name of all the files: mEmOrEx.waistdeep.r00 WinRar Archive 48,829 the .r goes all the way to 75. I have downloaded a lot of stuff and this is the most trouble I've had in awhile. What am I doing wrong?

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I'm a little puzzled. You chose "add to archive"??? It's already in an archive, you need to extract it, not add it. I'm assuming that's what you meant.

This is a multi-part archive, and when you open one part you open all of them.

What you need to do next depends on what sort of files were in the archive, which, alas, you didn't tell us. But once you've extracted the contents you're done with the archive.

Hmmm -- unless, of course, you *did* say, and what you have is an archive within an archive. It's an idiotic thing to do, but not the worst I've seen (I recall one that was three levels deep, f'catssake!) If that's the case, try extracting the second-level archive and see what's in THAT.

If you try extracting that second archive and it demands a password, then you know why they did it. See if there's an .nfo file or a text file in the first archive that tells you how to get the password, but be prepared for extortion -- that's usually the case when this happens.

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An easy solution to this problem would be to download the movie waist deep again. But when you search for it make sure that you type (waist deep dvdrip) which will eliminate you having to extract the file after downloading, because it will have already have the movie in .avi format. Honestly i think the movie you downloaded has a corrupted archive of some sort.

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