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resume problem

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I copied some 500 files that I downloaded to another computer. A lot of them were .bc files so I thought I could resume again on the new computer.

But bitcomet doesn't see the files !!

What do I do wrong ? Is there a procedure ?

(I installed bitcomet .79 on the new PC)


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You should really stick with stable versions of BitComet, since that's just one more thing to add to problems.

BitComet needs the .torrent files themselves too, not just the partial downloads, so if you don't have them, re-download them. Make sure they're the same ones.

Load one as a task into BitComet but before you start it, make sure the download directory is pointing to where your partial download file is. This can be a little tricky. If the download is a directory you need to be pointing to the level above that directory. Close the "open" dialogue but don't start the torrent yet. Now do a manual hash check on it. That should take a while, then it should say you've downloaded whatever percentage of the file. You can start the task and it will pick up where it left off.

If the hash-check finishes instantly and says you have 0%, you'll have to sort the problem. You may be pointing to the wrong place for the partial download. You may have loaded a different torrent, even if the content is supposedly the same.

You can try removing the ".bc!" extension (it's just tacked on with a simple rename) and try again, though this shouldn't matter.

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