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where are the download files ?

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Ive installed bt comet and downloaded some files

when trying to open the download folder it says it doesnt exist although

when looking at the hard drive its alot less than it should be so the files are there

anybody had similar problems ?

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Hi there.

Hmm.. Strange things, never heard of such - let alone experiencing them myself... (though, wait, you can check "Extend file character limit" topic in next thread - about suggestions).

Similar problems, you say... Some my programs (ACDSee, Winamp) refused to open files with japanese titles (and failed) - I have no Japanese support in my WinXP installed, so you may check this.

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i did a search for files using wm 11 and it did find them but all are audio only

can anybody suggest a universal player abit like vlc but one that searches the hd for media files

the download path it gives is the same as bit comet says and doesnt exist if i try to open it

very confusing


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well i did a search again on the laptop and found nothing

since i couldnt find the files without using wm 11

i decided to burn them onto a dvd which was successful

i had the same problem before with a bitcomet installation so i assume its an ongoing problem

although they were all audio in wm 11 when i burned them to to a dvd i copied them back to a folder on the desktop and then was able to open the files using vlc

i know it was the long way round to get this problem resolved and there was probably easier solutions available

but at least its resolved

ive sinced changed the download path from the default to a folder i created so all is well once again :)

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