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Cannot save torrent files correctly


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I am using BitComet 0.79

I added torrent files into my torrent list and they were arranged one come first list basis.


If you customise the arrangement, say 'Alphabetically', the torrent arrangement will change.


Now try to save any torrent file (by right clicking the file and selecting 'Save Torrent as..' option) which has moved from default arrangement.

I had selected 5th file 'Guru [2006-FLAC] but it showed different name in the save window.


This holds true for any arragement other than default one and even when filtering the listing by default filters like 'Downloaded', 'Downloading'or any custom filters you created.

This caused me to delete a torrent assuming i have saved the correct one but actually, i had saved another torrent. :(

I did not observe this in earlier versions 0.7 or 0.65 so it must be affecting only 0.79 version.


Amod Gokhale

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Never had this issue, as I never use the 'right-click' method...

I simply hit the torrentfile and, regarding what board you're downloading from, you get a pop-up window asking with what instance you want to download the torrent. Since it says BitComet as standard app, I hit 'OK' and then the BitComet download window opens, with an overview of the files to download, and the default path where to put the files.

The arrangement in the BitComet window has absolutely no influence on the name of the folder, or the location of the files, so, to be honest, I don't quite understand your problem...

What I also don't understand is, why would you go and right-click a torrent in BitComet's own window to save it again?

When the torrent shows in your client's window, that means that the torrentfile is *already* saved to the default location.

When you right-click that same torrentfile in BitComet's window and use the "Save as" option, it could be you accidentally clicked an existing file inside the "save-as" window, thus changing the name of the files from "Guru" to whatever you clicked accidentally...

In the process, you would also overwrite the other file...

On another note, using the "Save As" option is nice when you want to know what is where (if you can't remember what you download, or if, indeed, the folder is improperly named), but that only creates an extra subfolder...

With creating subfolders, you have to be careful to not make the path too long. The "path" is all the names put together, from the main folder down the the title of a song, when the download is music.

When a path is too long (exceeding 266 characters) you'll have issues with opening or recognizing the files, so watch out ;)


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