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Bittorrenting @ Singapore problem

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as some may know, singapore has banned illegal file sharing and downloading of copyrighted stuff and applications, there would be a fine and jail sentence for downloading illegal stuff.

I would like to inquire if there's a way to download torrent stuff anonymously using bitcomet or any other torrent client in Singapore, without the government or ISPs noticing and without the use of a proxy server which can make the downloads very slow.

Since a friend of mine, had been issued a warning from the government/police for downloading illegal stuff.

Will encryption for outgoing and incoming work in my favor and prevent them to see what Im downloading?

or is there another way?

btw, if anyone whos downloading using torrent in singapore without any problems, please do share a method, and I would also like to know if the isps can also detect downloading from direct or ftp links.

Thanks very much!

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First off you need to see if Bittorrent is on the list of illegal programs. Because Bittorrent is a legal program in almost all countires, this includes the U.S.

Now the only version of BitComet you should be using is 0.70. Set the protocol encryption to forced or always. Then use a proxy for "Tracker communication." This will not slow down your downloads from other peers. Because it's only connecting to the tracker to identify and get peer lists.

Make sure you have a good firewall, Norton & Zonealarm are not good firewalls. As a last measure use Peer Guardian 2. Only use these 3 lists during install, p2p, ads, spyware. This is not a fail safe but it helps.

If you need a good free firewall use the XP SP-2 firewall or Kerio Personal Firewall.

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