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very weird problem with BC (several versions) - not starting


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Everything started after a usual CheckDisk windows perfom during boot once in a while. I noticed an error was present somewhere on the hdd but the program managed to fix it. When boot completed I logged in and launched BC. Then I launched it again. And a third time. Nothing. No sign of BC whatsoever. I fired task manager and launched BC. It was listed for a couple of seconds among the processes then disappeared. This was version 0.60.

I downloaded 0.78 and did the uninstall/install mumbojumbo, which went just fine. Guess what? Same thing. Except this time I got an error saying something like "Bitcomet.exe closed because CRT not initialised".

Then I tried 0.79. No difference.

Since the caption of this error dialogue contained the word "Microsoft" in it I supposed something was wrong with the runtime. So I googled a bit and found the redistributable runtime for C++ that comes with Visual Studio 2005. I installed it but nothing changed.

At this point I was looking at my windows installation cd. So I went for a reinstall. Not a full one, just an upgrade but the runtime files are overwritten (thus fixed) anyways. Still no changes. Same problem across different versions of BC.

One would blame windows because BC isn't likely to have such a nasty bug in at least three different versions, right?

Not quite so. I booted into safemode and tried to launch BC (0.79). And it run. Of course I couldn't download anything because network is off in safemode. But BC was running as nicely as a turbocharged V8. Meaning that the runtime is ok.

What the h*** is going on?

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This error points to a video problem with your system. So try uninstalling and reinstalling your video drivers, and as always, check for updates to them. It also never hurts to reinstall DirectX too, since this could be related.

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