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Upload speed BitComet 0.70?


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Hi everyone!

Forced to write question here b/c still very curious what really happined. Iam use BitComet as major client since it was developed and really like it over other software, but somethings happined last several days ago.

Was using v 0.70 since it came as stable realize and really was happy. I using caple particular websites to download for years and always was able manage highest ratio. My speed limeted me for 45Kbs upload speed and it almost never changed for months. But several days ago I was in rush and really no read info about v.0.79, so I am install that and even cant manage to start client normally. I quicly Uninstall 0.79 and reinstall old proven 0.70. All came back normaly, i got my 750Kbs download speed, but... stop uploading almost at all. Barelly can get 0-3Kbs for hours. Most time it stop at 0 even I properly conected, using same

seting what i use for years and same community sites. Changing priority, listenig port and bla... bla.. help nothings. Reinstaling several times not hel to. Download ok, Upload 0.

Dont want do any advertements here, Iam still love BitComet and want continue use this client, but for testing purpose Iam instal other client and quicly get my Upload speed back.

That test actually bring me here and raise some question. What bring a problem and if that installation of

unstable v.0.79 bring some changes in my system. Did v.0.79 left any changes after uninstall in places like Windows registry and in any other system directories? Any trash after Uninstall what affect now now v.0.70 working. If so to how to find that and clean manually.

And any other advises. Just one remind from me. I am not newbee and very well know how to run and configure this client. So I point my view on that unfortunatelly bad atempt to Update client. Problem start right after that.

Thx in advance.

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Without knowing details about your system it's not possible to say exactly what happened. However, I suggest you do a complete uninstall, delete the program directory, reboot, and then reinstall 0.70.

Then delete your firewall rules for BitComet, and recreate them. This may get you back to where you should be.

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