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Can current torrents be downloaded after a new version is installed ?


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I've been using bitcomet 0.70 for sometime

I've just gone with the bitcomet settings as specified in the settings guide

Occasionally it crashes with a dialog box error, upon which I'm forced to exit and come back in

When it crashes, it's usually overnight i.e it runs totally fine usually during the day (and I've been checking daily). But when it fails, it usually fails at night

Windows XP is running fine and no other applications are running during that time

I run ccleaner and avg all the time and there is no firewall running

Is there any particular reason why it would fail at a particular time ?

Today I decided therefore to upgrade to 0.79

But first I uninstalled 0.70 and deleted the bitcomet directory

But I saved the torrent directory and open torrents were stored elsewhere

I installed 0.79, but I don't see my old torrents anymore

Is it possible to have them continue or do I have to restart and essentially download the torrent again ?

Also In terms of stability is 0.70 better than 0.64 ?



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There isn't anything about BitComet itself that changes at any particular time. It may be reacting to something else that occurs on your system during that time. That could be a whole lot of things, but one possible culprit is power-saving settings, especially sleep modes. You should disable these if they're active. (The monitor doesn't matter, though.)

0.79 isn't a stable version, so if you're not prepared to deal with a lot of quirks and bugs, you really shouldn't use it.

If you have your saved partial downloads, you'll need to set your default download directory to wherever they're located. (Or, of course, move THEM into wherever your default download path is.)

Then you need to add the torrents themselves as new tasks. When you add one, and the download directory is pointing to the right place, BitComet should see the partial download, check it, and start from where it left off. If it does not, then you should try to do a manual hash check on that torrent. That should take a short while, and BC should then show the correct completion percentage. If it does not, then you've got the download directory pointing to the wrong place, or your partial download isn't there. You may need to fiddle with this a bit to get it right.

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