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torrent files crashes after opening


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I have XP. using .70 and am having problems with all my d/ls after I open them or try view them. Mostly the AVI files.

They d/l alright, I unrar them and when I go into downloads and try to open the AVI file to see if its good, an error message comes up and it closes the folder. It use to do this once in a while, and I thought it was a bad download, but now it's every one. Anyone see theis before?

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Once you've downloaded the file, BitComet's task is done, so this question is being moved to the General questions forum.

There's a handy free tool widely available, called "GSpot", which will analyze a video file and tell you how it was encoded, which filters you've got that can handle it (or that you don't have any), and other useful data.

When you try to open a downloaded file, you have to open it WITH some application or other. Alas, you don't say which application you're using for the purpose. I can guess that it's Windows Media Player, but can't be sure. When it crashes, it should display some sort of error message about the crash, saying what went wrong. That error message would provide useful clues.

I suspect you have a problem with installed filters and suchlike, which often happens if you've also installed some of the common codec packs floating around the net. If you just love WMP and don't want to change then you'll need to clean that up.

I suggest you try the free VLC player from videolan.org. It does not use system filters, so problems with them don't affect it; and it will play most types of media.

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