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Hi all,

I am an ex-Azureus user...and moved over for reasons stated in a previous post (faster, smaller footprint, less cpu, less mem, etc)...but there are several features which I miss quite a lot.

Here's a couple of features I would like to see, if possible:

1. Seperate folders for downloads (i.e. incomplete/incoming and a completed folder). This would be great and my most desired feature. All incoming files go to one folder and are moved to another folder when completed/re-hashed.

2. Up/Down speed readouts - so I can see at a glance how much bandwidth is being used up and down, plus the effect of any limits I have applied.

3. Seeder list / better health readout - Azureus gives a graphic display of the number of users seeding a COMPLETE file - just a simple check to see whether this is over 1.0 or not - if it isn't then you know you might have a hard time getting it. If it is under 1.0 (i.e. 0.99) then you know that there isn't 1 complete copy in existence at that precise time.

Thanks, and a great client so far by the way! :)

Finally, the searches aren't much use- I say get rid of the web/IE integration all together.


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