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Bitcomet constanly crashing

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this can be quite irritating. this error report comes out every 20 minutes or so. and i have to restart my download again. i am downloading my stuffs from this tracker call saiyaman. and i dont seems to have and problem when i am downloading from other tracker. does any of you guys experience the same thing as mine ??

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hmm applies to mi...i tried from 0.68 to 0.70...doesnt help for me....i tried changing the listen port...it helped...didnt crash...but the port i forwarded cant be inputted in bitcomet...if not it'll crash...

I'm currently using 0.70, but before 0.70 I had very bad stability issues with any version above 0.64. Why not try downgrading to 0.64 till theres another update to try. Not sure if it applies to the problem with that particular tracker, but I think I had torrents going on it before without problems.

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