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Download problems with client version >0.59

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I don't get any downloads with any client version >0.59. I can connect to the tracker, get local and remote connections, but no download speed. I get plenty of seeds and leeches, everything seems to be fine, but it won´t start downloading. I have no problems with version 0.59, but with newer versions i get no downloads at all. I have a PIII 933Mhz, 256Ram, 256kbps, windows xp pro sp1.

I don´t mind using v0.59, but some trackers don't support older versions.

Any clue?

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v0.60 2005.9.8

GUI Improved: new toolkit: BitComet Video Codec Check Wizard

GUI Improved: add open BCTP/HTTP link command in file menu

GUI Improved: add BCTP link page in Task Property Dialog

GUI Improved: add Boss-key choice option

GUI Improved: add Disable torrent file download dialog option

GUI Improved: add Display task delete confirm dialog option

GUI Improved: add piece size 2/4/8MB choice when making torrent

GUI Improved: open web link in internal browse of BitComet

GUI Bugfix: fix mistake delete when multi-selection after torrent list sort

GUI Bugfix: fix the win2k auto shutdown issue

Core Improved: add video file preview when downloading

Core Improved: add Torrent download from DHT network using BCTP link

Core Improved: add protocol header encrypt option

Core Improved: add Always using NAT Traversal via UDP option

Those are the only two that could possibly have an affect on your transfers but they shouldnt, in any case they both can be disabled in the preferences, so maybe try disabling them.

You should look around on Google and see if your ISP has started filtering p2p traffic.

Maybe go through the settings guide in my sig and see if you can get v0.70 working.

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At first impression, that sounds like a firewall is blocking the traffic. It's the first thing to check, anyway.

Check to see if your listen port is really open, at www.canyouseeme.org. You wouldn't be the first person to find they've got a firewall they never knew they had.

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