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:) You are right.It's helpfull to have this"web interface".You are not the first user who request for this feature. We will realize it in the future.

Excellent! I switched over to BitComet from the "official" BitTorrent client. I often hear about a particular torrent from a co-worker, but I can't download at work because of company restrictions on P2P. It would be excellent if there was a simple way to add a torrent to my running BitComet at home via a web interface.

A first cut that allows:

* A place to enter the URL of a .torrent file (ie. downloads the torrent and opens it)

-> after downloading and opening the torrent, the interface should give "stripped down" version of the current dialog box which allows me to select which files in the torrent I need.

* show a listing of the current state of my torrents

* Start/Stop/Pause/Resume a torrent fro the aforementioned listing

Those above features would give me nearly 90% of what I'd like to be able to do remotely. It doesn't need to be fancy or beautiful. In fact the simpler the better so that http tunnelled through ssh or vpn doesn't take forever to render or can be viewed using a text-based browser like lynx or links.

Again, excellent work! Now I will have to read the changelog of your releases much more carefully knowing that this feature is being considered. Thanks again!

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Not bad actually. V. nice way of doing it, but not sure how you can make this work without making it complicated for the user, since you will be an ip address of your home computer. The only way of doing is this is a login system so, when you login your ip address will be logged. The problem I see with this is port numbers that for example your company can blocked, but it is a great idea!

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Blocked port numbers are always a problem, but worst case for me is to SSH into my machine at home and tunnel the HTTP protocol within SSH and map my home machine to a local port at my work machine. For most people, if you run a HTTP server on the standard port (80), most companies don't block access to that port. They may block content, which may only be a problem if someone is torrenting something with "offensive" words in the torrent file. =P

Yes, I guess I forgot, a username/password login would be essential.

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