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How to protect my PrOn?

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I am a good seeder of torrents and happy BC user, except for one thing. Sometimes another person jumps on my PC and wants to download something of their own with BT. Windows defaults to BitComet and if they click on a torrent they will quickly see my default setup - seeding 'Debbie does Uzbekastan XXXII' or whatever I happen to be seeding at the time. My question is : How can I somehow hide what I am seeding so that it does not show up when someone clicks on a torrent themselves and BC starts up?

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It is entirely feasible to have more than one bittorrent client on a single computer. For most people there's no reason to, but that's not the same thing as not working. It works just fine.

Install a different client, say, µtorrent, and use it for your downloads. Leave BitComet just as it is, as the default bittorrent application. Others can use it to their heart's content, without ever seeing what you're doing on µtorrent. You might have to adjust a little, no more double-clicking on torrent files because they'll open in Bitcomet instead of µtorrent -- so you'll have to drag and drop or use the open dialogue instead.

If you ever want to use both at the same time, you'll need to have the two clients using different listening ports, or whichever one starts second will complain that it can't listen. But having both running may strangle your bandwidth, so it's not a good idea.

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