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Torrent Creation problem

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Hi Guys, I'm trying to create a new torrent from bitcomet and I found this "problem": I'm trying to create it from a folder and in the list of files in the torrent it adds some files that doesn`t exist at all, such as folder.ini and some with the title of Album art.jpg; ¿it's that normal? and ¿can I upload this torrent without creating problems for the other clients who are trying to get those files? if it is a problem ¿how do I solve it?

Some data, I`m using:

Bitcomet 0.68

Tracker: http://tracker.torrentbox.com:2710/announce

Thanx for your help. :D

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FIrst you should understand that those files do, in fact, exist - BitComet isn't creating them somehow. But you have them hidden. Windoze does this by default, hiding shiat it thinks you don't need to worry your itsy-bitsy head about. Folder.ini, for example stores information about how this particular directory is to be displayed. That's done so you can have every directory display differently.

(You may want to go into Windows Explorer and disable all of this hiding crap in the advanced settings. Up to you. It's about the first thing I turn off after a new windows installation -- don't hide ANYthing from me. If you set it to "don't display as a web page", and "display every directory the same way", it'll stop creating those little buggers.)

BitComet unfortunately includes every file it finds in a directory when creating a torrent. It really shouldn't include hidden or system files without asking, but it does. So use µtorrent to create your torrent, even if you don't use it for anything else, because it's better behaved about things like this.

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