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dowloading torrents info change

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Would it be possible to add the ability to change a torrents download settings in the bottom box on the screen. Maybe when you click on summary, let there be a way of clicking on each individual item to change it. There have been several times I have wanted to change the download directory of a file while it was downloading and could not do it. Partially because my extgernal drives are giving me kittens. Anyway, Also options under the file area. Possibly allowing the editing of files being downloaded on the fly. The ability to add, or change trackers on the fly as well.

It was just a thought. Have fun...


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When you choose a file to start downloading(although it has some time to connect), there will be a related file(0KB) existed. So if we add this ability in the bottom box on the screen, you also can't change download directory while it's downloading. In addition, this ability will make users confusing.

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