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upload/download ratio

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I am currently using betcomet 0.64 (as the other one seems to crash) and am having an issue with uploading my fare share back to people, when I complete a download the upload will stop until all tasks in the que have been downloaded, how can i change this so the upload with continue to send while i have other downloads still in my que

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I am running windows XP with Service package 1

it show's that i'm connected to people but it will only upload if the download it not complete or all downloads are complete, so if file "A" is done, and file "B" is still downloading "A" will sit there doing nothing, while "B" is working normaly (up and down) when both "A" and "B" is complete, both will upload normaly

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Is it happening with every file, which is 100% downloaded? Maybe you need to chanche priority. Try to check it by giving 100% dled files high priority and watch what's going on ... with downloading other files, obvoiusly.

One thing i'd like to know .. what is your upload connection? This is sonly supposition but sometimes when connection is too small peers connect to better peers to have better transfer.

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