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quick q, should I be using one port? or a range of ports?

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if i use a range of ports, how do i select it in bitcomet.. it does not seem possible or i just can't find it. Under Options-> Preferences-> Connection->Listen port, it only gives one blank space to put ONE port number. So what im doing is correct, using one port?

thanks in advance! :)

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You are OK, BitComet uses single port for all incoming connections, and opens as much ports as it needs (I have ~50) for all outgoing connections without any efforts from your side. You may even don't use listening port at all (if you definitely know you're inaccessible from outside no matter how hard you try to make your selected port accessible)...

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yes. you need only one listening port for incomming connection for BitComet. That's not all, you can choose the number youself. The best listning port for BC is a number between 50000-60000. And you need to set exact rule in firewall if you have it, to allow BitComet to listen to this port. The rest BitComet does for you.

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