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Another slow downloads problem

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Using BitComet, my downloads are rarely getting above 10 Kb/s and usually stays around the 1 - 4 Kb/s mark. I'm not sure of my exact internet speed but it's broadband and definately capable (normal downloads from Firefox are many many times faster). I've looked through the FAQ and I've sorted the port forwarding issue (I think) as I'm using a router; the port I'm using is definately open.

Looking at the peers list, there are lots of peers but their Kb/s Dn is either 1 Kb/s or 2 Kb/s, never any more. Any possible reason why everything is so slow?

Under the logs section for my download, I saw the following:

"Windows XP ICS Status: cannot find working ICS.

Windows XP UPnP Status: device not found!"

If that's any help.

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If you use modem to connect to the internet you don't need ICS.

Go to Start -> Run -> write cmd -> then write ipconfig.

If your ip address is exactly the same as Default Gateway you don't need to have working ICS because you're using modem. And then you don't need UPnP as well because it is supposed to be when there is router between you and internet, which blocks ports and BitComet can automaticlly set your forwarding port.

Here you can check your real download/upload transfer:


IF you find out it, set up your connection according to Bitdava's suggestion, it will probably good for at the beginning then you will need to find your own settings.

You need to know if your peers are local and remote. But most of all find how you are connected to internet.

PS. This is very fast torrent. If you can dl it very quickly you have probably been configured BitComet properly.


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There are many web-based connection speed test sites. Network latency can cause false readings on them. The ADSLguide site is based in the UK, so it's not a good place to test if you live in Taiwan or San Francisco or Buenos Aires. Choose a site that's reasonably near you. Google is, as always, your friend.

ICS is Internet Connection Sharing, a way for two PC's to share one internet connection. It's rather elaborate to set up, so if you're using it you probably know that and had to hassle with it a lot. Otherwise, you do not need it.

UPnP is used by routers that support it, to automatically open and close the listening port in the firewall. If you don't have an external firewall on your router, or no router, then you don't need UPnP and should disable it in your BitComet preferences. Even if your router does claim to support it, many don't operate correctly. You'll need to verify that it actually works, before using it.

The most important issue, the one to concentrate on, is whether you have any peers showing REMOTE initiated connections. If you have none at all, then you probably have firewall issues to solve. If you do, then your firewall is sorted and you need to look at other areas.

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