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A Few questions

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ok seeing how it says you can post here asking questions about anything ill take advatage of that but first all ask some bitcomet questions

1-kinda simple but still will having less simultaneous downloads increase the speeds of the ones that are dowloading?

2-ok last night i was kinda bored so i just decided on a whim to see if i could up the speed of bitcomet, so i search google find a site and go through all the things, change to static ip, disable UPnp mapping, use a use a patch os i can get my max half open TCP port open to 50+, so after doing this i run a speed test, it tells me that my dl speed is around 4000, and my upload is above 400, but i look at my p2p network and nows it only dlin 25ish kb. This is at 3 am so it should be at 150kb. So it being really late i undo everything and go to sleep. i just ran a test and its saying now

Download Speed: 758 kbps (94.8 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 194 kbps (24.3 KB/sec transfer rate)

So should i go back and see if it starting going up after like 30 min or stick with what i got now?

if you guys want the site were i got the info to change just ask

OK now the non bit comet related( i understand if you guys dont answer)

3-I got this refurbed hp m7334n MCE 2005 computer a little over a week ago and ive been having problems with almost as soon as i was able to use it, first of all about 3 days after it was delivered(well i had to pick up but whatever) media center cant find my hauppauge Wintv PVR PCI II tv tuner card, so after some troubleshooting with no avail i phoned up customer support and after a little more troubleshooting they said

to try reformat and see if that works. So i do and the tv tuner card works for about a day then goes caput(stop workin), now the second time it happend right after i installed some plugin then restarted, i dont

know if the plugins would effect it but i find it doubtful. Also whenever i start up my comp an error report will pop up saying that Media center reciever service has encountered a problem, etc, but no matter how many times i press dont send, send or debug it keeps pupping up. The second thing is with Media Center again, now after i start playing a movie/show(not recorded that is) off my HDD it will play for a few minutes then ill lose all controll, there will still be picture and sount but i cant pause, stop or do anything besides use alt-ctrl-delete to end media center.

One last question is im thinking of using System restore to see if that helps, but i dont want to use it if it deletes my files which now i have over 80 gigs of movies, pics, etc that i do not want to lose.

If no one can help, hp said if it keeps happening they'll send me a replacement tv tuner card but if prefer not to have to.


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I would get the new card from HP.

I had similar problems with my Gateway with Windows Media Center Edition. Strangely enough when I installed Nero 6 Ultra/Premium whatever it was called everything started working fine. So it seems to be a codec issue, or it was for me anyway.

Try installing CCCP and see if that helps, click on my sig.

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