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Help something crazy going on?!

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So i was trying to debug a programe and i uninstalled .net 1.1 and then reinstalled .net 1.1, so after that i tried to reinstall .net framwork sp1 and it wont let met get any updates from microsoft everytime i try to install them i get a error from microsoft visual c++ runtime library saying

Runetime Error!

program C:\windows\system32\msiexec.exe

thhis application has requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual way.

Please contact the applications support team for more info.

then i click ok and get an application error for msiexec.exe saying

the exception unknown software exception(0x40000015) occured in the application at location 0x781346b6.

ive tried it when bitcomet is off, and ive also tried reinstalling bitcomet, can anyone help?

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I just don't get what relevance does BitComet have to your problem...


I suggest you to uninstall anything that works odd (maybe with System Restore function); reboot your PC, then installing applications one by one with rebooting between them.

Use antivirus, check HDDs for errors, defragment your drives, clean the registry - do anything to keep your system healthy.

If your problems seem too hard for you to solve, backup important data, format your Windows drive and reinstall OS anew (why using something that is broken and cannot be fixed?). This helps 100% (for a certain period of time...) :)

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the relivance is that c++= bitcomet, which means bitcomet is causing a problem that wont allow me to update the system.

Oh my... C++ is a programming language BitComet is written in. BitComet (and any other compiled program) doesn't need C++ programming software to be present on your PC and BC doesn't interfere with it in any way.

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