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Downloading far more than file(s) size....

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I have been using 'Bitcomet' for about 1 year with no problems whatsoever, until over the last few weeks I have been downloading files & for some unknown reason to me I end up d/l far more than the files acutal size, for example I downloaded a 550mb file & by the time I finished bitcomet had told me I had really downloaded 850mb with '0 B of rubbish data dropped' & the size of the file still 550mb after d/l & last night a 700mb file & ended up downloading 780mb. These downloads are coming from different places, a few sites are ones I have to sign up for & some are not, but have 'never' had this problem from any of these site before. I uninstalled my 0.62 & installed 0.70 but still the problem persists, I am also d/l a 6.50GB file & buy the look of it when it finishes I will have d/l up 10GB. I also installed some network traffic software to see if the stuff was coming from somewhere else, & checked my system for spyware etc, but looks clean, I have also noticed that a few other people have been having the same problem over the last month, its not a 'big' problem I still get the files & they work fine, but my bandwith connection is so small an extra 1 to 3 hours to get some files. My next step is to try a reinstall of the OS to see if that helps, but I thought I just might run my problem past you guys first.....sorry for the speech but have been a happy 'Bitcomet' user for about a year & with a problem of downloading a extra 300 to 400mb of ghost data a day needs to be looked into.

Thanks for any help

The Colonel

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Make sure it isn't just an interface anomaly tripping you up. Confusingly, BitComet's "Total Downloaded" amount is not for this torrent -- it's for all torrents, for the entire session. That ought to be made clearer.

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Thanks for the update, & yes I do use Peer Guardian 2 & have for a few months now without any problems. As I said this has just started happening over the last few weeks & now affects not just the odd torrent but 'every' I d/l, for example the file I am d/l now is at is state:

Total Files Size: 699.99 MB [92.0%]

Remaining: 55.00 MB

Downloaded: 715.00 MB (0 B rubbish data dropped)

Total Downloaded: 715.00 MB (0 B rubbish data dropped)

Peers/Seeds 12/22


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