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it freezes

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Im running on a .70 bitcomet and when i leave the program running for i'd say 20 to 30 or even more minutes it tends to freeze. It doesnt freeze when im using other programs while downloading with bitcomet, actually it sometimes does freeze and sometimes shows the blue screen of death. i run on a xp sp2 and always update it and also my drivers. I have read some post and tried the solutions but it still freezes. can some tell me how to fix it..

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Freezing is either simple to solve, or very difficult and indicates something else wrong, but nobody seems to be sure exactly what. After enough reinstalling of things, and banging and poking, it does sometimes go away, but which step solved it?

You may want to try Āµtorrent and see if it's problem-free for your system. It's a tad harder to learn, but works equally well and doesn't seem to have this particular problem.

The best way, seriously, to configure ZA is through Add/Rmove programs, and get rid of it. Use XP's built-in firewall, or get the Kerio free firewall, but ZoneAlarm creates more problems than it solves and has a history of trouble, particularly with P2P.

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