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Peer ban ?


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the latest version of bitcomet where the ban peer worked was 0.63 .. 'till then that option is just for viewing pleasures only. It doesn't work. When are you going to fix this ?

It does work. Or, at least, peer is removed from "Peers" list in BitComet (I 've never bothered myself checking my firewall's logs on banning someone). Although if he/she is connected to you within another task, he/she isn't banned there. I still don't know whether it's bug or a feature :)

I definitely need banning offline users. You see, my ISP gives me dynamic IP that keeps changing (I don't even know how fast - different IP checking sites give me different IP each time I check it - no matter how frequently I do it). Trackers and peers give me my old IPs and BitComet tries to connect to these "ghosts". A waste of system's resources. There's almost the same thing with some peers I saw - but they keep changing their listening port keeping the same IP. You see, BitComet shows me my "ghosts" here: BC-BC.GIF

...and it keeps on connecting to them, as my firewall shows me: BC-Outpost.GIF

Well, THIS is something to be done with...

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