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New BotComet and now no Remote connection!

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Hi User of this wonderful tool!

I had updated my Bit Comet 0.58 its very old i know but i had have a DL Speed over 150KB/s

My I-net connection is 2MB.

and now i have a DL Speed under 50Kb/s

I have checked my Port and my Firewall but all is correct only my DL Speed!

I go into the Peers and there only



connection! but i dont know why!?!

Can somebody help me, please!!

greeze LeXx

ps Im from germany and i hope you will understand my terrible english :D

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The lack of remote connections means that you almost certainly still have firewall problems. Something's blocking the listen port.

Check it at www.canyouseeme.org

You may be just assuming your firewall settings are correct when they actually are not. Try making a new rule for BitComet and see if that helps.

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