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im new to bitcomet so im sorry if there is a fix for this somewhere here but i recently installed bitcomet as i heard how good it was but i immediately began to download 2 movies but my dsl broadband connection, which is normally very fast, began downloading at 1kb/s. I am pretty sure that it should be faster than this and i tried switching off all of my firewalls but nothing worked. I had experienced problems like this with bittorrent before. can anybody help me?

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First thing, turn your firewall back on! You do NOT want to connect to the internet without a firewall, your machine can be compromised within minutes. One university studying the situation found that they could not even finish installing Windows on a new machine before it was zombied.

Now that you've turned it back on, check your machine with an antivirus program, with Spybot S&D, and with AdAware. Use all three. Yes, it will take awhile.

Next, you said "all my firewalls". You only need one, and more will just create problems/stumble over each other. They will not make you more secure. Get rid of/uninstall the others.

A firewall is sorta like a front door. Turning it off is like taking your front door off the hinges because you had trouble with the lock. Not a smart response. Fix the lock, or in this case learn how to use it.

And finally, getting to the point, for BitComet download speed problems read this thread.

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