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strange behavior...

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a couple days ago, bitcomet started getting wierd.

whenever i clicked on a torrent inside the top box, bitcomet would close automatically. i didnt figure out how to fix it, so i just compromised by never touching a torrent after i started the download.

but then, any torrent file that i opened couldnt be started. it kept giving me an error that says it couldnt find the file in temp. files or where ever else i try to save it.

and now, bitcomet wouldnt even open. i click on the icon, mouse changes to the timer thingy, then back to arrow. and nothing happens.

any suggestions to any of these 3 things would be greatly appreciated

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strange behavior...

I would say "VERY strange behavior"... If I'd be in your place, I'd reinstall BitComet. Then I'd try another version of it (upgrade if possible, downgrade if not). Then I'd use settings like bitdave does in his Settings Guide (see appropriate subforum). And then I'd ask for help here :)

Good luck on experimenting ;)

*edit*: of course, I do my best to keep my system healthy, e.g. antivirus with latest bases, defragmentation, Windows Update etc. Make sure it's only BitComet's problem, not your system's one.

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