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please help

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ive looked at all the how to use forums everything but i cannot get garfield 2 to work my son is going crazy can somone please help

some movies are working but this one wont ive tried to burn it play it nothing

can somone please give me a step by step guide

you can call me thick d@ck what ever just please help me out

for my 5yo sake

i aint got a clue how to work it


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cant really help you if you dont tell us what the file type of the movie is.

Is it a






a bunch of .r01, .r02, etc

a bunch of .001, .002, etc


.bin and .cue



So what is the file type of your download???

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.AVI files should run in Windows Media Player, but movies are generally recorded in DivX format, which you need a seperate download to be able to play. (Go to www.divx.com and get the free download)

Me personally, I have the DivX player/codecs installed, and play videos in Winamp (simply cos I can't stand Windows Media Player), but it should be enough to install DivX and then double click the garfield file.

Hope that helps.

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This sounds like we have some basic misunderstandings happening. I'm guessing, trying to interpret what you're saying, so I might be wrong.

You mentioned Nero, so I gather you're trying to burn this movie to DVD for a stand-alone DVD player.

The extension, ".avi", tells you it's placed in a container format that is much more recent, and nothing at all like, a standard video DVD. The DVD standard came out many years ago, so it is old and very inefficient. It wastes a ton of disk space. Modern compression formats can fit three or four times as much in the same space.

What you do next depends on your standalone player. Many of the recent models can play DVD+R's, and movies encoded with DivX. Is yours one of them? (consult the manual). If not, do you want to replace it with one that does? Check the local prices, looking for "DVD+R" and "DivX" in the specs. Prices well under US$100. That's well worth it, if you're going to do this often.

Failing that, you'll need to take that .AVI file, and turn it into a DVD-formatted file, which Nero could then burn. That conversion will, be warned now, take hours, no matter how fast your computer is. Before you proceed down that path, you should download and install the free VLC player from videolan.org, and use it to check the downloaded file before you actually waste a disk on it.

You see that "CAM" in the filename? That indicates this was a bootleg made by somebody who brought a videocam into the theatre. The video quality is going to be poor, off-center, and you might even see other people's heads in the shot. The audio will be just awful.

Having watched this, do you think it's worth your time to continue? Or is the quality so bad it's unwatchable? Many of them are.

You'll need a conversion program to turn it into DVD format. I don't recall whether Nero has a converter that will do that hidden somewhere, but IMSMR, NeroVision will do that. So first you convert it to DVD format on your hard drive (takes hours, as I said), then you burn the result to a DVD.

Or, if you have or obtain a modern DVD player as above, then you simply burn the file to DVD as what Nero calls a Data Disk -- just as if you were backing up files from your computer for safekeeping. The player should then, maybe, be able to play the result. That's if it was encoded with DivX or Xvid, which it unfortunately doesn't say. There may be more info from wherever you downloaded the torrent, about how it's encoded. Or there may be an .nfo file included with the download that says.

You're just dipping your toes into digital video, so be aware that this subject is complex.

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