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Unique Setup Problem


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Hey everyone, thanks for your help in advance...

I have just installed BitComet on my PC but I am have a problem with slow download speeds. My computer is LAN'ed to a D-Link switch with connects to a gateway computer which in turn connects to our modem. My understanding is that the gateway computer acts a router since it has a different Default Gateway IP & IP address. My torrent was running at only 10 kB/s when my online speed test said my download speed was 48 kB/s. This was with 10 or so seeders and 30 or so leachers. Is it a case of my BitComet not being set up properly or not enough peers?

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Bittorrent needs an open port where outside clients can contact yours for the best speed. If they can't, your speed will be quite limited.

If they can contact you, you'll see them in your peer list with initiation shown as REMOTE. If all of your peers are LOCAL or NAT, they can't contact you.

You must designate a listen port in your preferences, and you must make sure that port isn't firewalled off from the outside world. You can test that at www.canyouseeme.org

With this setup, getting that port open may be very complicated. You very possibly have multiple firewalls, and you'd have to forward the port through all of them.

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