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Burning on to DVD after download help .


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Hello all . Was wondering what i need to do after i have downloaded a movie or tv show of BitComet will i need to decode it or anything to put it on to dvd+r to play on my dvd player ?

ps whats the best burning and pretty easy to use softwear

thanks a lot for the help .

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Hi there.

I don't think BitComet Forums > BitComet Client > BitComet Client Help is the best place to ask things concerning software other than BitComet itself. Try another subforum, like General Questions or Torrent Questions. Besides I think this (or something alike) was already discussed there...

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The only time you need worry about decoding is if you're trying to put an XVid or DivX file on DVD. Not sure if I should say this here, but TMPGEnc is a good program, gives you plenty of control.

If it's compressed (.rar extension), then you'll need to unpack it with WinRar. If you're left with a .bin or .iso you could use Alcohol to burn to DVD

But as the previous poster says, this kind of thing WILL have been covered elsewhere in the forum.

Good luck! ;)

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im having major trouble burning to dvd ive read the read me first thing on here and i got lost ive added the .bin files ive downloaded to alcohol 120 and when i go to burning wizard the whole thing stops please someone help me im tearing my hair out

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