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Problems with Download speed

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hi there.. im using shaw cable high speed internet.. but for some reasons.. each time i download a torrent file, i have trouble downloading... im always downloading at 5kb/s or even less.. sometimes i can only dl 0kb/s .. yet each time when i look at the peer list and i see all the IP addresses of other people, their download speed is much faster.. some can download at 45kb/s , 100kb/s some even 777kb/s.

i tried changing ports from my preferences icon hoping that i would be able to connect to different peers who could seed more kb/s for me but it never works..

can someone tell me the reason why my kb/s download is so low??

i checked my average download speed in speak easy.com.. and my average download speed is 5400kb/s.. but in bitcomet i can hardly even reach 20kb/s..

is there any suggestions which i could do to improve my download speed?


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The first step is obtaining remote connections. BitComet asks you to designate a listening port, which while not so constrained, should be in the range of 49000-65535. You must assure that the port is open through firewalls, for both TCP and UDP traffic.What you have to do to open a firewall depends on your connection and setup. It makes a large difference if you are using a router.

The second step is limiting your global maximum upload speed, because if this is too high, your download speed will suffer greatly and you'll have trouble doing anything else. You should measure your actual upstream speed, and set your global max to about 80% of that.

These two will make a huge difference when done properly. There are other and further things, but none will make as big a difference.

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