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preview window crashes, codecchecker not working

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I'm new with BitComet and have no idea how to solve the following issues.

After I installed additional codec's with k-lite my preview window crashes. I have sent a crash rapport but maybe somebody has an idea.

Second, when I try to run the codecchecker I get the following message:

"This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please, contact the application's support team formore information."

I'm running BitComet on a Windows 98 SE; intel 350 MHz, 128 SDRAM. My current BitComet version is 0.68.

I'm still in a download so if possible I do not want to upgrade yet.

Does anybody have any idea's?

thank you

Axioma :huh:

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Hmm.. Maybe you should wait until you get some more parts of your video? The first and the last are most important ones.

If you think it's a codec problem, use GSpot on your unfinished video to see which codecs it needs, and disable these via Codec Tweak Tool.

Maybe I could help you more if you'd PM me link to your .torrent or its name/hash.

*edit*: I assume you have the latest version of K-Lite, and you haven't installed it OVER existing K-Lite or WITH other codec packs. Also, preview in BitComet is being worked on, so you may wish to install latest (0.70) version of BitComet.

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