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seeding ONLY to where i download from

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my ratio is starting to get behind at a few of the sites that

i go to even though my ratio on bc says it's way over 100%.

how do i up-load to just the tracker i downloaded from ?

im sick of all my speed and ratio going to other trackers and

this DHT..i uncheck the dht but still not alot of improvment..is

there something else i need to do ? thanks all and thanks for

the best torrent downloader there is ! B)

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You are under a common misconception.

You do not upload to or download from a tracker. Not ever, not any tracker. (No, not even the torrent itself, that's downloaded from some web site, perhaps associated with the tracker, perhaps not. But you don't download from the tracker.)

You download from/upload/transfer to other peers. Directly. Without involving the tracker.

When you scrape the tracker, you report your progress -- bytes uploaded, bytes downloaded, bytes remaining to download. That report is for the entire torrent, for all the peers you've ever connected to. It's a very, very simple message.

So all that you've transferred or uploaded to anybody for this torrent, gets reported to every tracker listed, regardlesss of where you "got" the peer you transferred it to. A tracker is a simple thing. It does not, and cannot, elaborately break the details down.

So everything you upload will be reported to the tracker in question, as well as all the others.

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how do i up-load to just the tracker i downloaded from ?

Right-click your task in BitComet, go to Properties -> Advanced, and delete all the trackers you don't like.

Though I think it will do you more harm than good, as you'll have less leechers to upload to.

You may try stopping/limiting other tasks, setting needed one to High priority and limiting its upload "from below" (e.g. >16 kB/s).

If you're so much concerned of your ratio on single site, try this:

- find on your tracker's site something that requires more seeding (e.g. anime episode, check comments or (re-)seed requests);

- go download this "something" from any public tracker (use http://www.mybittorrent.com/ to find trackers with this .torrent and add them to your task's list of trackers) or wherever;

- and then upload it to your private one just like you've got it completely from there. So you'll have perfect/infinite U/D ratio for this file there.

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