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Using Onimusha Downloaded Torrent


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I am having difficulties in trying to figure out what to do

with this Onimusha Dawn Of Dreams torrent.

If there is any information that you could spare me, I would most gladly

appreciate it. Thank you!

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First, this is the wrong place to post this.

Second, we're going to need more info about the problems you're having. Is it a problem downloading the file or have you downloaded it and are now trying to figure out how to use it?

I apologize for the inconvenience. I have recently registered as a member and have no knowledge as to

where to post my problems. The problem that I am having is figuring out how to use it.

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Well, you can burn it using ImgBurn and pray whoever copied it did it properly. Or if you're on an Xbox you can try to play it over a network. Some people FTP the games on to their Xbox if they have enough HD space left.

One problem, however. Whenever I try to burn the ISO file on my CD-RW, there is an error due to the huge

capacity in which it occupies. My CD-RW cannot hold the size of the ISO file. (The size of the ISO file is

4.37 GB.)

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