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a problem about DHT network

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Hi, I am using BC 0.7. I found "DHT connected node: 157" at right bottom of my BC. But, no matter what I am downloading, the "DHT network" in the "Trackers" is always counting down for 20 minutes and never returns peers. And my downloading speed is usually around 20 or even lower.

Just once before, I found my "DHT network" returns peers. At that time, my downloading speed exeeded 100. Therefore, I am pretty sure my low downloading speed is because the DHT network is not working properly.

I wonder how can I fix this problem? How can I get my DHT work? Shall I call my Internet Service? I am in Calgary. I use Shaw. I am using a SMC router..


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Some erroneous assumptions. For some reason, the DHT network isn't well understood, and not many people make the attempt to find out how it works.

How do you know you haven't found any peers via DHT? It's not going to tell you. Some clients will indicate peers found via DHT, but BitComet does not. Peers found via DHT just quietly join your peer list without notice and aren't distinguishable from peers found via the tracker or via PEX.

DHT checks for peers at torrent startup, then checks again at intervals you can't change. That's what it's doing in the trackers tab. The netscape doesn't change all that rapidly, so more frequent checks would just burden the network without producing better results.

You connect to a lot of peers, but you don't actually transfer pieces to/from more than about eight of them at any one instant, no matter how many you're connected to. Your download speed is determined by the peers you're connected to. At that point, the DHT network isn't in the picture and doesn't affect this. It only finds peers, and having found them (or not), it's job is done. It doesn't participate in actual transfers, so doesn't affect their speed.

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