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Anyone please let me know where I can find a help file for Bitcomet ?? How the bitcomet functions and how we can download the desired files ?? Also what are peers ?? Does that sound too basic question ?? Yes I have zero knowledge of bitComet !! Please guide..


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:blink: Hi everyone,

I too am looking for the " How To" file, link, guide or site, that will explain the basics of bitcomet.

I tried the FAQ's, searched the forums, looked at the wiki site etc. and only find more links to even more links. All tell me nothing.

I would like to be able to find something to explain how to " add/delete torrent sites, how new sites or new promotions just appear?, how to read understand the tool bars, how to reconnect to lost torrents etc."?

I don't want a hugh manuel, just some answers.

Thanx in advance for any help.


" Murphy Wrote His Laws After He Meet Me "

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hi there.

Well, links really don't describe anything... Have you tried *reading pages*?

Here are some to give a try:





Concerning 'how to " add/delete torrent sites, how new sites or new promotions just appear?" - this has nothing to do with BitComet;

"how to read understand the tool bars" - just click them and see for yourself (if their descriptions aren't descriptive for you);

"how to reconnect to lost torrents" - go to the site you got your .torrent from and ask someone to seed it for a while;

"etc." - if you've made some research and found nothing/too little - ask us, some of us are here to help :)

*edit*: I think you should read this Wikipedia article; it might make you change yor signature ;)

(well, if you aren't 50+yrs old, of course...)

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